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An exclusive behind-the-scenes-view of the HTS Magnet Demonstration

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In the media

Selected media coverage of our 20T HTS Magnet Demonstration

Can nuclear fusion put the brakes on climate change?

Rivka Galchen. The New Yorker. Oct 4

‘This is a drug for the climate’: A new generation of Boston companies is trying to fight global warming

Pranshu Verma. The Boston Globe. Oct 6

Fusion Energy nears KittyHawk moment

Bruce Mohl. CommonWealth magazine. Sept 27

Fusion gets closer with successful test of new kind of magnet at MIT start-up backed by Bill Gates

Catherine Clifford. CNBC. Sept 8

Fusion breakthrough dawns a new era for US energy and industry

Paul Dabbar, Opinion. The Hill. Sept 10

MIT-designed project achieves major advance toward fusion energy

David Chandler. MIT News. Sept 8

'This is not hype, this is reality': Nuclear fusion gets a step closer to reality as scientists successfully test a magnet 12 times as powerful as those used in MRIs

Ryan Morrison. Daily Mail. Sept 9

U.S. university, energy firm hail test of energy fusion project

Reuters. Sept 8

Magnet Milestones Move Distant Nuclear Fusion Dream Closer

Frank Jordans, Seth Bornstein and Daniel Cole. The Associated Press. Sept 9

Fusion energy nears reality thanks to an ultra-powerful magnet

J. Fingas. Engadget. Sept 12

MIT Physicists Just Majorly Advanced The Quest Towards Actual Fusion Power

David Nield. Science Alert. Sept 10

Commercial Fusion By 2030? With Latest Test, Scientists Say It's In Reach

Bruce Gellerman. NPR. Sept 9

It’s a big deal – CFS and MIT complete test on “powerful magnet”

Nandika Chand. The Plunge. Sept 9

Fusion startup builds 10-foot-high, 20-tesla superconducting magnet

John Timmer. Ars Technica. Sept 8

Groups Announce Successful Test to Advance Fusion Energy

Darrell Proctor. Power Magazine. Sept 8

New superconducting magnet breaks magnetic field strength records, paving the way for fusion energy

David Chandler (MIT News) pickup by Sept 8

MIT Superconducting Magnet Breaks Records - Major Advance Toward Fusion Energy

David Chandler (MIT News) pickup by SciTechDaily. Sept 8

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