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A record of progress and milestones of the HTS Magnet Demonstration through September 8th 2021.

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  • In the media

    In the media
  • A Star in a Bottle: The Quest for Commercial Fusion

  • The TFMC and the Path to SPARC

  • From HTS Magnet Test to SPARC, An Animation

  • Magnet FAQ

    Magnet FAQ
  • Testing the Magnet

    Testing the Magnet
  • Charging the Magnet

    Charging the Magnet
  • Modeling fusion magnets

    Modeling fusion magnets
  • Pumpdown to cool down and ramp

    Pumpdown to cool down
  • Manipulating magnets in the quest for fusion

    Brian LaBombard
  • Feature in The New York Times about CFS and our project

    Bob Mumgaard
  • Fun Facts about Magnets

  • History of Fusion Magnets

  • High Temperature Superconductors for Fusion

  • Manufacturing HTS Magnets for Fusion